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A message from the Organisers

 The Close Encounters Conference is Australia’s biggest National conference exploring the topic of multiple dimensions, the extraterrestrials from these dimensions, other planets or star systems and their role in the evolution of human consciousness.

As organisers of three consciousness events, we work very intuitively and energetically. We journey through personal growth and expansion, sometimes at rapid speeds as we develop our events.  Sharing our passion with you is a natural progression of the exploration of consciousness.  Everything we do is from our heart.

There are many things that continue to drive our passion, but the biggest guiding star for us is giving our delegates the most amazing experience.  We want you to have your hearts opened, your minds expanded, your soul satisfied. We want to remove the taboo nature from the subjects of life after death, ET contact, spirit guides, galactic families.  We want to open conversations that might be controversial about MILABS, the colonisation of Mars, Reptilian overlords.


We want to explore stories from people who have died and come back to tell the story or those who have have contact with ETs.  We welcome the words from conduits like mediums and channellers who carry through the wisdom from higher beings.  We also love to have a laugh and keep things light and funny!

This is an evolution for us as we expand ourselves and explore more and more about consciousness, multiple dimensions, the extraterrestrials from these dimensions, other planets or star systems and their role in the evolution of human consciousness.

We believe that we all work together towards a cosmic consciousness, weaving our knowledge, gifts and experience together.  And we love that you are sharing this ride with us.  One of our favourite sayings is “You are not truly home until you find your tribe” and we love the tribe that is on this journey with us.  Thanks for finding us.

We hope to see you at our Close Encounters Conference!

Mick and Kathryn


Our aims and objectives

Our aim is to provide a platform to bring experts together to answer questions such as:

  • What is the truth about UFO reality?

  • Who is visiting us and why?

  • What do these intelligences really want with us?

  • What happens during encounters on space craft?

  • What involvement does the military have with reverse engineered craft and abductions?

  • What do the star children say about their experiences and why do they say they are here to help humanity?

Ever since the famous Roswell crash in New Mexico in 1947, the UFO subject has been highly classified.  Those who tried to reveal the truth were threatened. In spite of the secrecy embargo, many credible witnesses like pilots, the military, astronauts and others have come forward to reveal what they have seen or experienced and in the process we, the public, have become very much wiser.

Science now admits there are multiple dimensions and that we could be visited by extraterrestrials from these dimensions as well as from other planets or star systems.

Today UFOs are reported here in Australia and world-wide every six minutes.

Along with sightings, there is a vast agenda of contact by various ET species which has being going on for millennia, some of it for the purpose of educating the human species, while other species interbreed with us and are producing a hybrid race which they keep on their craft. Often this contact follows several generations of the same families.  Hybrids do walk amongst us and we get tantalising glimpses of their motherships overseeing their interaction with us here on earth.  We are not alone and have never been alone. 

If you remember as a child looking up into the night sky, longing to see a sign of someone else out there, then this conference is for you.