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Cask J Thomson

Truthseeker, Editor, Artist



Cask J. Thomson is an independent publisher and UFO enthusiast. Several years ago, he decided to get in touch with the later Karla Turner’s husband Elton. After much discussion and trust-building, Thomson earned the ability to have Turner’s works “Into The Fringe” and “Taken: Inside the Human-Alien Abduction Agenda” tidied up and revised for the 21st century.

Through working closely with Elton, Cask gained much insight into Karla Turner’s focus on psychology and ethics of those alleging that they had been abducted, visited and tormented by extra-terrestrial beings. Dr Turner lost her battle to breast cancer in 1996. The reissues have received rave reviews from readers online, sceptics and publications like Nexus and The Guardian.


Cask J. Thomson will discuss his working relationship with Elton at the appearance and pass on many of the stories that did not feature in the books. With a detailed inside of life after Elton and Karla were affected by their abduction, Cask, with the approval of Elton, will dive deeper into the horrors and aftermath of their experiences.

Thomson is convinced of the truth to Karla and Elton’s story and discusses the importance of Karla Turner’s contribution to the UFO community.