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Kathryn Hand

Since her nights as a young child, gazing out on the night skies, hoping to see a UFO, Kathryn has been searching for signs that we are not alone.

In recent years as a Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives therapist, Kathryn has learnt there is no line between the souls that we are – we are all just energy.  Whether we have lived many lives on Earth or elsewhere, we are all growing, learning and expanding.  To discover the truth about our multidimensional nature as she takes her clients further down the rabbit hole is a privilege she greatly honours. Kathryn  is thrilled to be involved in creating this unique Australian event.

Kathryn has had articles published including New Dawn and Living Now magazines, and is the Co-organiser of the Afterlife Explorers Conference, Cosmic Consciousness Conference and the Plant & Energy Medicine Symposium.