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Mick Turner

After a near-death experience in a drowning accident, Mick has been driven to find answers to the questions he had after being brought back to life.

With the awakening he had that our consciousness exists outside the physical, Mick embarked on a journey to discover more.  After having experienced angelic beings and the type of peace and love that people enjoy in an expanded soul state, Mick has undergone further structured hypnotic regressions and continued his research into the field of consciousness.


This has led him to create three Afterlife Explorers Conferences in Australia bringing together experts presenting on matters relating to Life after Death.  As an extension of this journey, Mick has created the Close Encounters Conference – Australia’s first truly National conference providing a platform for both international and Australian experts to share their experience on the topic of the multidimensional beings we share the universe with.

Mick is the Founder and Co-organiser of the Australian Afterlife Explorers Conference.  He is also the Co-organiser of the Cosmic Consciousness Conference and the Plant & Energy Medicine Symposium.