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Termina Ashton

Author, Expansion Mentor, Bio Energetic Practitioner

Activate Your Unique Soul Signature

Termina's powerful presentation will discuss how to bring forward awareness that You! Are the Master Locksmith. You hold the keys to unlock creation and the ability to enable creation to flourish. You the soul encoder have the shortcut commands that gains access to all areas of consciousness, and the codes of all life forms, matter and frequency. For this reason, activating your dormant energy signature is imperative.


Bestselling author of over a dozen books, Termina has the innate ability to tap into universal kKnowledge & Attain Extraordinary results.  Listed as a global self-help expert and author also known as 'The Happy Magnet' has the uncanny ability to tilt the odds so the best will happen resides with her family in Australia.


As an Expansion Mentor and with a corporate background in personal development, design and business, Termina holds a range of qualifications including Transformational Leadership,  Bio Energitic Synchronisation and Medicine; and believes in navigating the changing world of experiences. Also, an exponent of Feng Shui, Termina uses her knowledge of Energy and Quantum physics to support others by increasing their success in life. Termina loves to use her imagination and has gained the title ‘Master of Imagination’, she has used her skills to work on many residential and commercial projects, including an open design radio station, Fox Studios and a variety of set designs, where her own artwork was exhibited for TV and film.

Termina credits self-actualisation practices for her success and harmony in her life.  It was through self-studies and introspection practices that Termina was able to tap into her unique soul signature and states that she is guided by source. “At all times we carry with us all the answers. There is nothing in the physical world that will truly give us the ultimate answer; our unique soul print and purpose in life; and it is because of this only ourself has the true answers for what makes us happy or why we are here. We only require external tools, or mentors to get us started and guide us in a direction towards connecting with our soul’s voice.”